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Thanks to everyone who joined the Modernist Studies Association’s online workshop “Publishing in Modernism/modernity ” in mid-November, where panelists Santanu Das, Cherene Sherrard-Johnson, and Beryl Pong recounted their experiences with the journal and took questions from participants. Anne Fernald and I were there as Coeditors, also taking questions. As we said several times then: please feel free to reach out to Anne or me with...Read more

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Beebe’s Shell-Shocked Fish: Modernist Form in Scientific Writing During the US Occupation of Haiti
Kelly Hanson

“Le Revenant”: Baudelaire’s afterlife in Wide Sargasso Sea...Read more


Cezanne, The Gulf of Marseilles Seen from L'Estaque


Long considered epistemologically naive, realism has, in the last ten years or so, undergone something of a rehabilitation, as scholars such as Anna Kornbluh, Caroline Levine, and Matthew Beaumont have shown realism to be, in Kornbluh’s words, “a mode of production rather than a mode of reflection.” [1] If this work has often focused on nineteenth-century texts, another set of scholars has described what Devin Fore’s 2012 book helpfully calls...

Jan 25, 2021



A venue for brief articles that intervene in debates in modernist studies.

Nov 22, 2017

What Are You Reading?

Modernist Baedekers

A forum for reviewing handbooks, companions, pedagogical volumes, introductions, etc.

Aug 14, 2018


On Seeing Ghosts

When I first saw this image on the National Gallery of Australia’s website, I wasn’t quite sure who, or what, I was seeing (fig. 1). What is the shadowy form lurking in the bottom-left-hand-corner of the image? Is it a person emerging out of the basement, a playful photographic superimposition,...

Jan 21, 2021

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