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The last issue of volume twenty-nine of Modernism/modernity is ready and wending its way to your inboxes as I write. As always, we are sharing with you on this site, a teaser article—Jon Najarian’s fascinating and richly illustrated consideration of Rockwell Kent’s art and illustrations—and a review as well, Pardis Dabashi’s assessment of Sarah Keller’s Anxious Cinephila . We hope that these temptations tide you over as you...Read more

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Willa and Edwin Muir’s Alternative Kafka: Translation, Imitation, and the Fable
Gregory Ariail

Cinema as Method: Re-vision in Ramón Gómez de la Serna’s Film Script Cifras (1930)...Read more


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Literary modernism has a close relationship with pain, though not an untroubled one. To make a very general comparison, pain is to literary criticism today what illness was to literature for Virginia Woolf, and likewise betrays an under-interrogated dualism. “Literature does its best to maintain that its concern is with the mind,” Woolf writes, and so “this monster, the body, this miracle, its pain , will soon make us taper into...

Feb 23, 2023


Responses to the Responses to the Special Issue on Weak Theory

It’s been nearly a year now since the publication of M/m’s special issue on Weak Theory, a year of conversations both here on Print Plus—and, as Aarthi Vadde and Melanie Micir point out, across a range of other professional and para-professional spaces of engagement. Many thanks to all who...

Aug 15, 2019

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Oct 19, 2021


Bullied Young Women, Virginia Woolf’s Sex Japes, and Modernist Sociability in the Time of #MeToo

Over the last decade, #MeToo and the work of activists like Tarana Burke have brought attention to tacitly permitted sexual exploitation on university campuses and in work environments both on and off the clock. As #MeToo transformed the world around me, rumors I had come across in my...

Apr 27, 2023

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