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This is my first editor’s note to you in my new role as Print+ editor. After five years of heroic service, Christopher Bush has stepped down as co-editor of the journal. As you look at Print+ and read the print issue itself and marvel at the range and diversity of articles we now publish, you can thank Chris for his extraordinary gifts. He brought expertise in and commitment to...Read more

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Identity’s Elsewhere: White Queer Diasporic Feeling in Willa Cather’s Fiction
Eric Newman

Willa Cather’s Queer Economy
Joseph Dimuro

Love in the Flesh:...Read more


George Yeats, Bird and Tower (19 August 1920)


“What are some collaborations if not the marriage of minds,” is one introductory provocation with which Jill Ehnenn confronts the reader of her Women’s Literary Collaboration, Queerness, and Late-Victorian Culture . [1] In 2008, when Ehnenn’s book was published, collaboration had already been the topic of a small host of books, articles, and collections; and scholarship has since found ever-newer and more sophisticated ways of...

Aug 10, 2021


Responses to the Responses to the Special Issue on Weak Theory

It’s been nearly a year now since the publication of M/m’s special issue on Weak Theory, a year of conversations both here on Print Plus—and, as Aarthi Vadde and Melanie Micir point out, across a range of other professional and para-professional spaces of engagement. Many thanks to all who...

Aug 15, 2019

What Are You Reading?

The Little Reviews

A Forum for capsule review of recent books of interest to our readers.

If you would like to write a capsule review (250-300 words) of one of the books featured in the Books of Interest section of our more recent print issues, we would welcome your submission at

Oct 19, 2021


Shelter in Two Acts

he minuteness of her body and the expansiveness of her thought struck some as an odd contrast. In this still, her body crowded by the desk lamp, the large microphone, and the curtains that seem to drift toward her on the window’s breeze, they fuse in one perfect moment (Fig. 1). Mid-February...

Jan 10, 2022

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