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The recent MSA conference in Columbus—full of fabulous presentations as it was—reminded me anew that the real energy of such events gathers and builds in the roundtables. Or in the bar, or over coffee, or wherever discussion spills over beyond its allotted 90 minutes. We’re trying to duplicate that energy here on Print Plus.

One of our main goals when we established the platform was to provide a mechanism for expanding and extending...Read more

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Jean Cocteau’s Around-the-World Performance
Kevin Riordan

Making a Modernist Masterpiece: The Elusive Location of Cultural Significance in...Read more



A moment in cultural “time,” as Jonathan Lethem has suggested, “is marked not so much by ideas that are argued about as by ideas that are taken for granted,” because the “character of an era hangs upon what needs no defense.” [1] In part, Lethem’s statement helps us to explain why we find “the contemporary” at once so critically slippery and yet practically self-evident. Pushing somewhat more explicitly against Lethem’s own grain, we might...

Dec 11, 2018



A venue for brief articles that intervene in debates in modernist studies.

Nov 22, 2017

What Are You Reading?

Modernist Baedekers

A forum for reviewing handbooks, companions, pedagogical volumes, introductions, etc.

Aug 14, 2018


Opening the Book, Part II

This second batch of writers on the process of finishing their books ranges from meditations on the situatedness of academic writing to blow-by-blow descriptions of the publication process to a call for more inventive and ethical ways of acknowledging one’s scholarly companions. Here you...

Jan 8, 2019

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