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A year ago, Modernism/modernity , amid excitement and trepidation, launched this platform with the aim of renewing and enlivening the journal and extending its reach—making it possible to include a range of media as integral parts of articles, to introduce innovative new formats for publication and new modes of collaboration, to respond in real time to compelling events, to continue conversations (and take issue) across platforms, to...Read more

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Is the Trans in Transnational the Trans in Transgender?
Jessica Berman

The Assertion of Coevalness: African Literature and Modernist Studies
Mark DiGiacomo

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While Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality (1976) is known primarily for its pathbreaking description of the emergence of sexuality, it offers an equally important account of modernity. In his history of modernity, Foucault describes a shift from the sovereign’s “right to take life or let live” to the state’s biopolitical concern with “the right to make live and to let die.”

Oct 25, 2016



A venue for responses to articles and other content in Modernism/modernity .

Mar 2, 2016

What Are You Reading?

Recent Scholarship

A What Are You Reading? forum on recent publications in the field.

Feb 9, 2016


Echoes of Fascism

In January I was teaching speculative and science fiction from the modernist period to show my students how fascism emerges, and how to recognise the ways that literary strategies can instil alienation, fear of the Other, and anti-Semitism and racism. My students were German, and our seminars...

Feb 10, 2017

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