Volume 23, Number 4, November 2016

Volume Twenty Three, Number Four
November 2016

Woolf’s Secular Imagery
David Sherman

Moving Pictures: Magic Lanterns, Portable Projection, and Urban Advertising in the Nineteenth Century
Ellery E . Foutch

Conrad’s Neuroplasticity
Nidesh Lawtoo

Harlem in Furs: Race and Fashion in the Photography of Gordon Parks
Jesús Costantino

Unfinished Transitions: The Dialectics of Rural Modernization in Latin American Fiction
Ericka Beckman

Sur l’Eau, or How to Read Adorno: Guy de Maupassant and the Negative Dialectic of Utopia
Damien Marwood

“Cosmopolitan Sympathies”: Poetry of the First Global War
Jahan Ramazani

The Modern Synthesis: Genetics and Dystopia in the Huxley Circle
Jay Clayton


Seeing Complexity and Hearing Laughter in the Harlem Renaissance
Adam McKible


Imperial War Museum, London.

Lee Miller: A Woman’s War by Hilary Roberts
Beryl Pong


Gabriele Brandstetter
Poetics of Dance: Body, Image, and Space in the Historical Avant-Gardes
Michelle Clayton

Megan Pugh
America Dancing: From the Cakewalk to the Moonwalk
Carrie J . Preston

Laura Marcus
Dreams of Modernity: Psychoanalysis, Literature, Cinema
Jacqueline Shin

Scott Curtis
The Shape of Spectatorship: Art, Science, and Early Cinema in Germany
Janina Wellmann

Luke Gibbons
Joyce’s Ghosts: Ireland, Modernism, and Memory
Andrew Gibson

Seamus O’Malley
Making History New: Modernism and Historical Narrative
Adam Meehan

Joyce E. Kelley
Excursions into Modernism: Women Writers, Travel, and the Body
Stacy Burton

Heike Bauer, ed. 
Sexology and Translation: Cultural and Scientific Encounters Across the Modern World
Jennifer Tyburczy

Aleida Assmann
Shadows of Trauma: Memory and the Politics of Postwar Identity 
Susanne S. Cammack