Volume 25, Number 3, September 2018

© Johns Hopkins University Press


Introduction: Weak Theory, Weak Modernism
Paul K. Saint-Amour, guest editor

The Agonies of Ambivalence: Anna Mendelssohn, la poétesse maudite
Sara Crangle

On Being Criticized
Grace Lavery

Obliterature: Toward an Amateur Criticism
Melanie Micir and Aarthi Vadde

Volitional Etiologies: Toward a Weak Theory of Etiology
Benjamin Kahan

The Weak Powers of Digital Modernist Studies
Gabriel Hankins

Weak Network: Faulkner’s Transpacific Reparations
Wai Chee Dimock


Scott Selisker
Human Programming: Brainwashing, Automatons, and American Unfreedom
Timothy Wientzen

John Lurz
The Death of the Book: Modernist Novels and the Time of Reading
Joseph Elkanah Rosenberg

Emily Ridge
Portable Modernisms: The Art of Travelling Light
Susanne S. Cammack

Harris Feinsod
The Poetry of the Americas: From Good Neighbors to Countercultures
Michael Dowdy

Matthew Griffiths
The New Poetics of Climate Change: Modernist Aesthetics for a Warming World
Jessica Martell

Susan Scott Parrish
The Flood Year 1927: A Cultural History
Robert Jackson

Rachele Dini
Consumerism, Waste, and Re-Use in Twentieth-Century Fiction: Legacies of the Avant-Garde
Raymond Spiteri

Sam Bardaouil
Surrealism in Egypt: Modernism and the Art and Liberty Group
Nadia Bou Ali

Laura Chiesa
Space as Storyteller: Spatial Jumps in Architecture, Critical Theory, and Literature
David Spurr

Ben Tran
Post-Mandarin: Masculinity and Aesthetic Modernity in Colonial Vietnam
Tess Do