Volume 26, Number 2, April 2019

26.2 CoverAnother Nature Speaks to the Camera: Natural History and Film Theory
Caroline Hovanec

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Fungal Female Animal: Evolution, Efficiency, and the Reproductive Body
Agnes Malinowska

From the Middle Distance: Sylvia Townsend Warner’s War Pastorals
Hannah Brooks-Motl

What the War is Doing with Us: W. H. Auden, Total War, and War Literature
Christopher Patrick Miller

The “demonic forces” at Auschwitz: T. S. Eliot reads Jerzy Andrzejewski’s Roll Call
Joanna Rzepa

Pound’s Transmissions: Typography, Phonography, and Notation
Daniel Matore

Curious Self-Evidence: Graphology and Gusto in Marianne Moore’s Critical Prose
James Jiang

Difference and Difficulty: Multilingualism and Translation in Modernist Studies’ Global Turn
Leandro Pasini


Translating Césaire
Carrie Noland

Modernism and the State
Sabine Hake

The Revision of Grant Wood
Henry Adams


Michele Greet
Transatlantic Encounters: Latin American Artists in Paris Between the Wars
Michelle Clayton

Liesl Olson
Chicago Renaissance: Literature and Art in the Midwest Metropolis
Kinohi Nishikawa

Mark Byers
Charles Olson and American Modernism: The Practice of the Self
Steven Shoemaker

Mark Stevens
Red Modernism: American Poetry and the Spirit of Communism
Jasper Bernes

Santanu Das
India, Empire, and First World War Culture: Writings, Images, and Songs
Margaret R. Higonnet

Emilie Morin
Beckett’s Political Imagination
Andrew Kincaid

Allan Hepburn
A Grain of Faith: Religion in Mid-Century British Literature
John Whittier-Ferguson