Volume 26, Number 3, September 2019

26.2 CoverPaper Bombs: The Blitz and the Aesthetics of Salvage
Joseph Elkanah Rosenberg

Signifying Genre: George S. Schuyler and the Vagaries of Black Pulp
Brooks E . Hefner

Conservative Circuits: Hugh Kenner, Modernism, and National Review
Stephen Schryer

Stars Without a World
Scott J. Juengel

Modernism’s Opposite: John Galsworthy and the Novel Series
Matthew Levay

Facts and Fantasies: Photography and Camouflage in 1930s Italian Illustrated Media
Maria Antonella Pelizzari

Picasso, Comics, and Cultural Divides: Why Krazy Kat Is a Kubist Kat
Kevin Cooley

“la vaste rumeur d’autrefois”: Noise, Memory, and Mediation in À la recherche du temps perdu
John Attridge

Spiritualizing Prostheses: Anna Coleman Ladd’s Portrait Masks for Mutilated Soldiers of World War I
Aaron Shaheen


At the Rembrandt Exhibit (with Proust, Woolf and Bacon)
Cedric Van Dijck


Leslie J. Harkema
Spanish Modernism and the Poetics of Youth: From Miguel de Unamuno to “La Joven Literatura”
Ignacio Infante

Natasha Periyan
The Politics of 1930s British Literature
Gwyn Jenkins

Caroline Hovanec
Animal Subjects: Literature, Zoology and British Modernism
Rachel Murray

Tirza True Latimer
Eccentric Modernisms: Making Differences in the History of American Art
Laura Guy

Phillip Mann
The Dandy at Dusk: Taste and Melancholy in the Twentieth Century
Len Gutkin

Reuven Snir
Modern Arabic Literature: A Theoretical Framework
Anna Ziajka Stanton