Volume 27, Number 1, January 2020

27.1 Cover

How to Do Things with Futurism: Traces of Futurism in Hebrew
Nana Ariel

“Talking Hebrew in every language under the sun”: Emma Lazarus, Charles Reznikoff, and the Origins of Documentary Poetics 
Joshua Wall

Subject to a Vital Machine: The Political Ambivalence of Avant-garde Aesthetics 
Christopher Williams-Wynn

The Noise of Mediation: Dorothy Richardson’s Sonic Modernity 
Adam Guy

Erika Mann, the BBC German Service, and Foreign-Language Broadcasting during WWII 
Vike Martina Plock

Pound Notes in German Markets: Paul Celan, Usury, and the Postwar Currency of Ezra Pound 
Philip Gerard

“Queer Music-Hall Sport”: All-In Wrestling and Modernist Fakery
Claire Warden

Rethinking the Origins of Camp: The Queer Correspondence of Carl Van Vechten and Ronald Firbank 
Kate Hext


Kara Watts, Molly Volanth Hall, and Robin Hackett, ed.
Affective Materialities: Reorienting the Body in Modernist Literature 
Marta Figlerowicz

Susan Laxton
Surrealism at Play
Johanna Malt

Lisa Nanney
John Dos Passos and Cinema 
Mark Whalan

Elizabeth F. Evans
Threshold Modernism: New Public Women and the Literary Spaces of Imperial London
Geneviève Brassard

Ben Etherington
Literary Primitivism 
Glyn Salton-Cox

Kostas Boyiopoulos, Anthony Patterson, and Mark Sandy, ed.
Literary and Cultural Alternatives to Modernism: Unsettling Presences
Sarah Parker

Heather Fielding
Novel Theory and Technology in Modernist Britain 
Andrew Gaedtke

Kristin Bluemel and Michael McCluskey, ed.
Rural Modernity in Britain: A Critical Intervention
Ben Clarke