Volume 27, Number 4, November 2020

27.4 Cover

Beebe’s Shell-Shocked Fish: Modernist Form in Scientific Writing During the US Occupation of Haiti
Kelly Hanson

“Le Revenant”: Baudelaire’s Afterlife in Wide Sargasso Sea
Juliette Taylor-Batty

Twenty-First Century Baudelaire?: Affectivity and Ecology in “Le Crépuscule du soir”
Nikolaj Lübecker

Clouded Vision: Particulate Matter in F. W. Murnau’s Faust
Paul Dobryden

Proletarian Modernism and the Politics of Emotion: On Franz Wilhelm Seiwert and John Heartfield
Sabine Hake

Walter Benjamin, Advertising, and the Utopian Moment in Modernist Literature
Ben Moore

The Writing of Circumstance: Novelization, Modernism, and Generic Distress
Jonathan Foltz

“Who’s ‘we’?”: Claims to Community in Howards End
Greg Chase


Literary Recordings: Modernism, Media, and Acoustic Modernity
Tyler Whitney


Clare Hutton
Serial Encounters: Ulysses and the Little Review
Joseph Brooker

Lyndsey Stonebridge
Placeless People: Writing, Rights, and Refugees
Sara Silverstein

Mark Whalan
World War One, American Literature, and the Federal State
Jonathan Vincent

Elizabeth Outka
Viral Modernism: The Influenza Pandemic and Interwar Literature
Lidan Lin

Patricia Laurence
Elizabeth Bowen: A Literary Life
Allan Hepburn

Max Saunders
Imagined Futures: Writing, Science, and Modernity in the To-day and To-Morrow Book Series, 1923-31
John McGowan

Rachel Galvin
News of War: Civilian Poetry, 1936–1945
Jacob Edmond

Caroline Pollentier and Sarah Wilson, ed.
Modernist Communities across Cultures and Media 
Daniel Ryan Morse