Volume 28, Number 3, September 2021

28.3 Cover

Identity’s Elsewhere: White Queer Diasporic Feeling in Willa Cather’s Fiction
Eric Newman

Willa Cather’s Queer Economy
Joseph Dimuro

Love in the Flesh: Virginia Woolf, Julia Margaret Cameron, and Other Amorous Victorians
Andrea Zemgulys

Meter and Modernist Prose: Verse Fragments in Woolf’s The Years
Chris Townsend

Langston Hughes, Blues Poetry, and the Distance between Poems and Songs
Florian Gargaillo

The Poet Stung: Verse Drama, Modern Rhythm, and the Politics of W. H. Auden’s Metrical Stammer
Ben Glaser

Modernist Martyrdoms: Spender’s Trial of a Judge and Anglo-German Verse Drama between the Wars
Alex Feldman

Arnold Schoenberg’s Jewish Trauerspiel: Aesthetics, Allegory, and Ethics in Moses und Aron
Marc Caplan


Street Scenes
Tamar Katz


Malcom Turvey
Play Time: Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism
Pardis Dabashi

Nan Z. Da
Intransitive Encounters: Sino-U.S. Literatures and the Limits of Exchange
Hsuan L. Hsu

Yuko Shibata
Producing Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Literature, Film, and Transnational Politics
Diane Wei Lewis

Anthony White
Italian Modern Art in the Age of Fascism
Richard Read

Stephen Cooper and Clorinda Donato, ed.
John Fante’s Ask the Dust: A Joining of Voices and Views
Michael Docherty

Andrew Rankin
Mishima, Aesthetic Terrorist: An Intellectual Portrait
Wayne E. Arnold

Steven Matthews and Matthew Feldman, ed.
Samuel Beckett’s “Philosophy Notes”
Marc Farrant

Lori Cole
Surveying the Avant-garde: Questions on Modernism, Art, and The Americas in Transatlantic Magazines
Lynda Klich