Volume 29, Number 1, January 2022

Hart Crane: The “Architectural Art”
Jo Gill

Developing a Lyric Carapace: Urban Mood, Rebellious Banality, and George Oppen’s Obscured Modernism
David Hobbs

Freedom on Trial: Kafka’s Modernist Tragedy
Jensen Suther

Almost Winning: Speculation, Temporality, and Casino Capitalism in Chekhov
Alisa Zhulina

Homme-Insecte: Form, Typus, Fetish
Fabienne Collignon

Sylvia Plath's Aerial Poetics
Jeremy Lowenthal

Don't Ask, Won't Tell? Sexual Science and the Case Biography of Sodomy in Colonial India
Robel Sequeira

The Adventure of Technology: Kipling, the Motorcar, and National Regeneration
Eva Chen


The Color of Modernism
Gabriel Hankins


“Consider a shoulder”: Leaning on Collaboration in Chicago Avant-Garde: Five Women Ahead of Their Time
Jennifer J. Smith


Robert A. Davidson
The Hotel: Occupied Space
Randi Saloman

Eurie Dahn
Jim Crow Networks: African American Periodical Cultures
Brooks E. Hefner

Mary Jean Corbett
Behind the Times: Virginia Woolf in Late-Victorian Contexts
Sarah Parker

Alexandra Kieffer
Debussy’s Critics: Sound, Affect, and the Experience of Modernism
Cristina L. Ruotolo

Chris Forster
Filthy Material: Modernism and the Media of Obscenity
Allison Pease

Douglas Mao
Inventions of Nemesis: Utopia, Indignation, and Justice
Greg Forter

Jaipreet Virdi
Hearing Happiness: Deafness Cures in History
Kim Adams