Volume 29, Number 2, April 2022

Image of stage, cover of 29-2 issue

Global Autofictional Flânerie
Shaj Mathew

Eccentric Primitivism: The World of Jan “Eskimo” Welzl
Václav Lucien Paris

“An Eternal Dance”: Paul Claudel, Japan, and Thermodynamics
Ryan Johnson

Unpacking the MoMA Myth: Modernism under Revision
Sandra Zalman

Dancing Returns: Recovering Modernism’s Movements
Michelle Clayton

Imagined Authors: Reading the Homeric Question in James Joyce’s Ulysses
Sophie Corser

“Was it marriage?”: Queer Relationships and Early Twentieth- Century Anti-Realism
Todd G. Nordgren

Shi Zhi and Chinese Literary Modernism in the Late Twentieth Century: Modernity, Consumerist Economics, and Chinese Modernist Poetry
Tiao Wang and Ronald Schleifer

Fernand Léger’s Mechanical Ballets: On Dance and the Machine Aesthetic
Juliet Bellow


Modernism's Animal Metaphors
Derek Ryan

The Legibility of the Modern Literary Soundscape
Robert Ryder


Bart Eeckhout and Gül Bilge Han, ed.
The New Wallace Stevens Studies
Ian Tan

Brooks E. Hefner
Black Pulp: Genre Fiction in the Shadow of Jim Crow
Catherine Keyser

Duncan White
Cold Warriors: Writers Who Waged the Literary Cold War
Jason Harding

Hannah Frank
Frame by Frame: A Materialist Aesthetics of Animated Cartoons
Matthew Levay

Rebecca Colesworthy
Returning the Gift: Modernism and the Thought of Exchange
Anthony Domestico

Emily Hage
Dada Magazines: The Making of a Movement
Lori Cole