Volume 29, Number 3, September 2022

1450–1950: The Gutenberg Galaxy According to Bob Brown
Ross Hair

Out of This Nettle: T. S. Eliot’s “Little Gidding III” and the Environment of What Grows
LeeAnn Derdeyn

The Pure and the Dirty: Censorship, Obscenity, and the Modern Bookshop
Andrew Thacker

“Rolls Rough”: William Carlos Williams on the Thrills and Ills of Automobility
Joel Duncan

“Tempus Tacendi”: The Late Silence of Ezra Pound
Sean Mark

The Language of Dreams: Psychoanalysis, Egyptology, and Literary Culture
Eleanor Dobson

“The Beautiful Future”: Harold Monro, F. T. Marinetti, and Early Modernist Poetry in England
Robyn Jakeman

Edward Krasiński’s “Overhead Sculptures”: A Manifestation of Modernity
Elżbieta Błotnicka-Mazur


Ben Glaser
Modernism’s Metronome: Meter and Twentieth-Century Poetics
Sarah Berry

Deaglán Ó Donghaile
Oscar Wilde and the Radical Politics of the Fin de Siècle
Brice Ezell

David Hopkins
Dark Toys: Surrealism and the Culture of Childhood
Abigail Susik

Susan McCabe
H.D. & Bryher, An Untold Love Story of Modernism
Cynthia Hogue

Dora Zhang
Strange Likeness: Description and the Modernist Novel
Len Gutkin

Nell Andrew
Moving Modernism: The Urge to Abstraction in Painting, Dance, Cinema
Michelle Clayton

Victoria Rosner
Machines for Living: Modernism and Domestic Life
Maggie Humm

Lyneise E. Williams
Latin Blackness in Parisian Visual Culture, 1852-1932
Lena Hill