Volume 30, Number 2, April 2023

Journal cover with painting of seated upper class woman

Dutch Neorealism and Cinema Magic: The Case for a Filmic Modernism
Stephanie Lebas Huber

Provocative Personifications: Dada Aesthetics of Alterity at the Galerie Montaigne, Paris, 1921
Hilary Whitham Sánchez

Looking In: Teresa Deevy, Deafness, and Radio
Emily Bloom

Modernist Epithalamia: Revival, Revision, and Subversion of Sappho in H.D.’s “Hymen”
Amanda Kubic

Van Gogh’s Postal Paradigm
Alex Weintraub

Ulysses, Vampiric Representation, and Ludic Modernism
Michael Opest

The Scourge as Safety-Valve: John Rodker’s Analysis of the Avant-Garde
Alex Grafen

Making Psychoanalysis New: Freud, Print Culture, and Modernism
Sascha Bru and Peter Buse

Review Essay

Still Under Western Eyes? Three Recent Books on Modern Arabic Poetry Reviewed by Emily Drumsta

Robyn Creswell
City of Beginnings: Poetic Modernism in Beirut

Huda Fakhreddine
The Arabic Prose Poem: Poetic Theory and Practice

Kevin Jones
The Dangers of Poetry: Culture, Politics, and Revolution in Iraq

Book Reviews

Carolyn N. Biltoft
A Violent Peace: Media, Truth, and Power at the League of Nations
Alessandro Giammei

Sarah Cole
Inventing Tomorrow: H. G. Wells and the Twentieth Century
David Shackleton

Robert Volpicelli
Transatlantic Modernism and the US Lecture Tour
Anna Teekell

Yasna Bozhkova
Between Worlds: Mina Loy’s Aesthetic Itineraries
Jennifer Ashby

Peter Adkins
The Modernist Anthropocene: Nonhuman Life and Planetary Change in James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Djuna Barnes
Patrick Whitmarsh

Ana Hedberg Olenina
Psychomotor Aesthetics: Movement and Affect in Modern Literature and Film
Anna Kovalova