April Issue!

The M/m editorial team is delighted to announce, after significant delay, the publication of issue 30.2!

Stephanie Lebas Huber leads off the issue by making the case for the “filmic modernism” of Dutch Neorealist painting (and a painting by Carel Willink, featured in the article, adorns our cover). We then turn to Hilary Whitham Sánchez’s analysis of blackface and the dubious mobilization of alterity at the Soirée Dada in Paris on June 10, 1921. Drawing on recent work in disability media studies, Emily Bloom examines deaf playwright Teresa Deevy’s efforts to “see radio.” Amanda Kubic reads H.D.’s English alongside Sappho’s Greek and presents H.D.’s revision of the Sapphic epithalamium as a genre celebrating “creative union between a community, or chorus, of women.” Extending the issue’s Dutch through-line, Alex Weintraub shows how the post served as an artistic “paradigm” for Vincent Van Gogh. In a tour de force close reading, Michael Opest outlines the “ludic modernism” of the “Nausicaa” episode of Ulysses in relation to the “vampiric representation” of characters. Alex Grafen scrutinizes John Rodker’s youthful commitments to conscientious objection and avant-gardism and his critique of the limits of Ezra Pound’s and Wyndham Lewis’s conceptions of the avant-garde. And finally Sascha Bru and Peter Buse draw out the strong modernist scruples of Freudian psychoanalysis in relation to the print culture of the first psychoanalytic journals.

This issue also features an exciting array of book reviews, including a brilliant review essay by Emily Drumsta of three recent books on modern Arabic poetry.

Stay tuned for teaser reviews and articles over the coming weeks!

—Stephen Ross