Mind the Gap! Modernism and Feminist Praxis

“Mind the Gap! Modernism and Feminist Praxis” marks Modernism/ modernity ’s first forum dedicated to feminism and women modernists. Our forum situates its arguments at the nerve center of twentieth-century feminism, engaging diverse aspects of modern women’s lives through equally diverse methodologies. Feminism serves as a mode of critical discourse as well as an object of study, a...

Aug 7, 2017

What is Sexual Modernity?

While Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality (1976) is known primarily for its pathbreaking description of the emergence of sexuality, it offers an equally important account of modernity. In his history of modernity, Foucault describes a shift from the sovereign’s “right to take life or let live” to the state’s biopolitical concern with “the right to make live and...

Oct 25, 2016


Writer’s (Wood)block

There is always some degree of confusion when I tell people that I am getting my PhD in English by writing a dissertation about wordless novels. While I’m used to giving my “elevator pitch” to fellow academics, describing my project to people outside of academia can be more of a challenge:

Sep 18, 2017

Aural Pleasure: Podcasting, Pedagogy and the Public Humanities

In the Spring of 2016, I received confirmation that I had been awarded funding to undertake doctoral study that coming October. Overwhelmed, I physically jumped for joy, promptly thumping my skull on the shelf that rested shortly above me. Usually, we bang our heads due to frustration brought about by inertia, but I think about this literal knock as a transitional moment, one which allowed me...

Aug 30, 2017



A venue for responses to articles and other content in Modernism/modernity .

Mar 2, 2016

What Are You Reading?


Older books, new again—or encountered for the first time.

Feb 9, 2016

Recent Scholarship

A What Are You Reading? forum on recent publications in the field.

Feb 9, 2016