Modernist Setting

What does it mean to for a work to be “set” in this place or at that time? This cluster—the first investigation of its kind—explores setting as a primary shaping force of modernist form.

Mar 5, 2018

Scale and Form; or, What was Global Modernism?

Transnational , geopolitical , cosmopolitan , planetary : the language of the global turn in modernist studies is now instantly recognizable to the field’s professional and aspiring practitioners. This new lexicon percolates across journals, conferences, monographs, and other sites of consecrated disciplinary activity, and represents what Aarthi Vadde, in...

Jan 2, 2018


What Is a Modernist Archive?

The past twenty years, along with the promises and perils of the digital turn, have seen a robust engagement with the modernist archive. One can map nearly point for point the rise of the New Modernist Studies and the Modernist Studies Association with the rise of digital resources that have reenergized the field: the Modernist Journals Project (1997), the Modernist Magazines Project (2006),...

Mar 11, 2018

Eroding Partitions: A Conversation with Jahan Ramazani

My farewell post for the “Process” column is a brief conversation with Jahan Ramazani , University Professor and Edgar F. Shannon Professor of English at the University of Virginia, and a scholar whose work I admire greatly and follow closely. He gives serious attention to strong poets who aren’t always read with such insight, as well as leveling powerful arguments about how verse frames...

Feb 26, 2018



A venue for brief articles that intervene in debates in modernist studies.

Nov 22, 2017


A venue for responding to positions voiced in M/m and beyond.

Mar 2, 2016

What Are You Reading?


Older books, new again—or encountered for the first time.

Feb 9, 2016

Recent Scholarship

A What Are You Reading? forum on recent publications in the field.

Feb 9, 2016