Exclusive to M/m Print Plus

In These Times

In These Times is a space for our community to explore issues of social justice, teaching, and research in uncertain times. In the From the Editors section of the Print Plus platform (1.4), Debra Rae Cohen asks,  

How can we insert the urgency of activism into our models of composition? We know how, if we didn’t earlier, to express this urgency as private citizens—march, volunteer, protest, get local, organize, call, write, share information, support each other, engage, engage, engage. But how do we as scholars of modernism and modernity do so? How can we come together to do so as a community?

We invite you to share your thinking in all forms—personal statements, anecdotes, syllabi, snippets of research, proposals for collaboration, exemplary lives—in a blog we’re simply calling “In These Times.” Write to Debra Rae Cohen directly at drc@sc.edu with submissions, questions, or suggestions.