The release of Megan Quigley’s Print Plus cluster on “The Waste Land” and #MeToo earlier this spring sparked a new round of a familiar plaint here at Modernism/modernity—“How can I get copies?” “How can I share this with my classes?” Given the media-savviness of most of our students, chances are that they could figure it out for themselves; but we’ve been missing a convenient link between page and pedagogy. Now, we’re happy to say, we have one.

M/m has partnered with the non-profit Hypothesis Project to incorporate into the Print Plus platform annotation software that makes it possible to mark up our web texts as a class, or in a reading group—or even as a solitary researcher. As a pilot project, we made this available a few weeks back to the British Association of Modernist Studies, who incorporated its use into their BAMS Training Day, working with Gabriel Hankins’s article from the Special Issue on Weak Theory (you’ll see their response, enabled by the use of Hypothesis, in the next batch of Responses to that issue).

Hypothesis M/m Integration

Hypothesis Annotation Tools

We’re pleased to announce that M/m Print Plus now offers readers a way to annotate the content of our website using the Hypothes.is platform. One of the drawbacks of reading on the web is the difficulty of annotating and taking notes. We may be accustomed to underlining a passage in a book and writing notes in the margins, but until recently these actions have been impossible on the web. Enter Hypothesis.