Patrick Deer

Patrick Deer is Associate Professor of English at NYU. His publications include Culture in Camouflage: War, Empire and Modern British Literature (Oxford University Press, 2009; paperback edition 2016), “Beyond Recovery: Representing History and Memory in Iraq War Writing” (MFS, 2017), “Mapping Contemporary American War Culture” (College Literature, 2016).  His current book projects are “Surge and Silence: Understanding America’s Cultures of War,” and “Deep England: Forging British Culture After Empire,” and he is co-organizer of the NYU Cultures of War and the Postwar Research Collaborative.


American Memory, Forgotten Wars

November 2018 not only sees the US midterm elections which will allow the American people to respond at the ballot box to the tumultuous and often exhaustingly toxic political environment during the Trump presidency. It also brings the less heralded and seemingly more distant centenary commemorations of the end of the First World War on November 11th, 1918. Yet another world historical milestone to be overshadowed by a relentless domestic news cycle dominated by a politics of distraction and fear that seems to harness racism, misogyny, economic inequality and outright violence to an unprecedented degree.