Erin E. Templeton

Erin Templeton is the Anne Morrison Chapman Distinguished Professor of International Study and an Associate Professor of English at Converse College. Most recently, she wrote the introduction to a new edition of Zelda Fitzgerald’s novel Save Me the Waltz (Handheld Press, 2019) and has also contributed essays to The Cambridge Companion to William Carlos Williams, The William Carlos Williams Review, The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, and The Dictionary of Literary Biography.



The keyword I have chosen is Boundaries. I am interested in boundaries as they relate in particular to the middle portion of “A Game of Chess,” which begins “My nerves are bad tonight.”[1] This section not only features annotations by Ezra Pound, but also it bears the mark of Eliot’s first wife, Vivien.[2] It demonstrates one of the most important and most difficult elements of #MeToo: the messiness of boundaries emotional, intellectual, physical, and, in this case, textual.