Joel Hawkes

Joel Hawkes teaches in the Department of English at the University of Victoria. He is primarily a modernist, his work concerned with the practice and performance of the spaces we create and inhabit—including the archive and the television screen. Mary Butts has been a focus of his research for some years.  His edited collection of Butts’s essays was published by McPherson & Co in 2021. A co-edited collection American Science Fiction Television and Space: Productions and (Re)configurations (1987-2021) was published by Bloomsbury in 2023.


“The Freud Game”; or, Connecting the Mary Butts Letters in the Modernist Classroom

By Joel Hawkes; Madison Robinson; Vanessa Funk; Katie Croudy-Hollott; Ella McQueen-Denz; Samantha Burt; Maya Smith; Marcus Tisot; Sam Oosterman; Alistair Corp; Devan Gillard; Emily Coldwell; Sean Godwin; Noah Brandon; Thomas Nienhuis

In and Out of the Archive with the Letters of Mary Butts

Located in Special Collections at the University of Victoria is a little studied folder that contains fifty-one letters written by the British modernist author Mary Butts (1890-1937) to friend and fellow British modernist Douglas Goldring (1887-1960), with some few to Goldring’s second wife, Malin.