Pamela Thurschwell

Pamela Thurschwell is a Reader in English at the University of Sussex and the author of Literature, Technology and Magical Thinking, 1880–1920 (2001) and Sigmund Freud (2009). She has recently published articles on Henry James and Oscar Wilde in the Henry James Review, and on Joni Mitchell’s irritable feminism in Joni Mitchell: New Critical Readings (2019). Her edited collection, Quadrophenia and Mod(ern) Culture came out in 2017, and she is currently working on a book, About the Young Idea: Adolescent Time Travel across the 20th Century.


Responses to the Special Issue on Weak Theory, Part III

Here presented, the latest dollop of responses and provocations; we plan to run at least one more grouping, as well as rejoinders from issue contributors. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, do let me know!

Debra Rae Cohen