Caroline Z. Krzakowski

Caroline Z. Krzakowski is an Assistant Professor of English at Northern Michigan University. Her research and teaching interests focus on twentieth- and twenty-first-century British literature, especially literary responses to World War Two, literature and diplomacy, British literature of the postwar period, and women’s writing. She is currently completing her first book, Diplomacy in Mid-Century British Literature and Culture, which examines representations of international relations in fiction and non-fiction by Rebecca West, Lawrence Durrell, Olivia Manning, and John le Carré, and in the films of Alfred Hitchcock that respond to the political instability of the postwar period.


Modernist Institutions

Twenty years after the publication of Lawrence Rainey’s Institutions of Modernism, our field once again finds itself wrestling with its troubled relationship with institutionalism. But where once Rainey argued, incisively, that literary modernism was self-aware of its own marketability and commodification, cocreating modernism as a discrete institution in its own right, we now find ourselves productively applying this rubric to the field’s institutionalization within academia itself.