Kayvan Tahmasebian

Kayvan Tahmasebian is Marie-Curie Fellow (TRANSMODERN project) at the University of Birmingham. He translates modern Iranian poetry and writes about modern Iranian literary criticism. His co-translated (with Rebecca Ruth Gould) High Tide of the Eyes: Poems by Bijan Elahi, forthcoming from The Operating System in 2019. 


Translation as Alienation: Sufi Hermeneutics and Literary Modernism in Bijan Elahi’s Translations

The history of Iranian modernism is inseparable from the history of literary translation. In most accounts of Iranian literary history, the translation of European literary works played a formative role in the redefinition of poetic discourse as well as in the introduction of new literary genres, such as the short story and the novel, to modern Persian literature. In his landmark study of Iranian literary modernism, Mohammad Reza Shafiʿi-Kadkani rejects the ascription of originality to Iranian modernism.