Benjamin Hagen

Benjamin D. Hagen is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of South Dakota and author of The Sensuous Pedagogies of Virginia Woolf and D. H. Lawrence (Clemson University Press, 2020). His research has appeared in the journals Age, Culture, Humanities; PMLA; Twentieth-Century Literature; Virginia Woolf Miscellany; and Modernism/Modernity, as well as in edited volumes on Virginia Woolf, the Bloomsbury Group, and the life and work of Louise DeSalvo. He is at work on a new monograph, Finding Love in Literary Criticism and Theory.


No Children, Only Tasks: Reflections on Cruel Pedagogies

I had not heard of ProctorU software until October 1, 2020 when I noticed that several folks on Twitter, whom I follow for their thoughts on pedagogy, had retweeted and responded to the same upsetting TikTok video I had come across earlier that same day. The video shows a young woman, crying, explaining that she had just failed an online exam not because she had been unprepared but because her professor’s surveillance software flagged her as “talking” out loud while taking the exam.