Sabine Müller

Sabine Müller is Senior Researcher and Habilitation Fellow of the Austrian Science Fund at the Department of German Studies of the University of Vienna. Her research and publications focus on interdisciplinary cultural history of modernity, with special attention to the relations between literature and politics, culture and economy on the one hand, on avant-garde and modernism on the other.


Literary Neo-Avant-Gardes – Politics of Form Revisited

This cluster of essays approaches the controversial question of the political intentions, implications, and effects of the literary neo-avant-gardes by scrutinizing the topos of a “politics of form,” which is so often foregrounded in and associated with neo-avant-garde practices.

Reworking the Collective Body: Practices of Choric Speaking in the German and Austrian New Radio Play

The present essay approaches the topic of this cluster—a Politics of Form Revisited—from a perspective that links up with current demands for reconceptualizing the relations between politics and aesthetics, based on a renewed interest in questions of collectivity.