Thomas Eder

Thomas Eder is a literary scholar, teaching in the German Department at the University of Vienna. He is also at the editorial board of the magazine wespennest ( and is responsible for the scientific and literary program in the kunsthaus muerz ( He has published widely on the neo-avant-garde and on cognitive poetics / epistemological aesthetics, including: Oswald Wiener’s Theory of Thought (co-edited with t. Raab und M. Schwarz, De Gruyter 2023) and Die Sprachkunst Gerhard Rühms (co-edited with P. Pechmann, ed. text+kritik 2023).


Post-Avant Translation Practices: Language Poetry in Austria & The Low Countries

American Language poetry can be considered a neo-avant-garde movement, at least if we refer to Hal Foster’s definition of the term as the result of a “deferred action,” a later event that recodes the original (historical) avant-garde—e.g.