Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman (Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology) is author of Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity and editor of Joyce and the Law. He writes about modernism, politics, cinema, comics, literary adaptation and Latin music. As a musician, his work has been featured on NPR’s “New Sounds” and appears in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, Season 2. 


Joyce & the Dems: Ulysses, Politics, and Cultural Capital

“We are still learning to be Joyce's contemporaries,” intones Richard Ellmann, the first words of his James Joyce, published in 1959.[1] Sixty years later, Joyce’s most famous book (and second-hardest to read) has become a talking point and prop of two Democrat candidates in the race for the US presidential nomination. Ulysses, over a century since avant-garde magazines started publishing it serially, has been seen trending on Twitter. Have we, have the United States, caught up to Joyce?