Nathan Waddell

Nathan Waddell is an Assistant Professor in Literary Modernism in the School of English at the University of Nottingham, UK. He is the author of Modern John Buchan (2009) and Modernist Nowheres (2012), and is a co-editor of Wyndham Lewis: A Critical Guide (2015) and "Brave New World": Contexts and Legacies (forthcoming).




Lawrence Atkinson, Sculpture, and Vorticist Multimediality

Seven years after the “little magazine” BLAST published the Vorticist manifesto, one of its signatories won the Grand Prix for sculpture at the 1921 Milan Exhibition. The prize was given to a work titled L’Oiseau, and the artist in question was Lawrence Atkinson (1873-1931).

At the time, Atkinson had also made his name as a painter, poet, and music teacher, and especially as an acclaimed performer of classical lieder.