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A forum on recent publications in the field, featuring our latest, "Race in the Modernism/modernity Archives: The Harlem Renaissance and Beyond."

Volume 27, Number 3, September 2020

Introduction: Anarchism and the Hermeneutics of Faith
Roger Rothman, guest editor

Creative Nothingness: Dada as Art, Politics, and Religion in Interwar Japan
James Mark Shields

Ananda Coomaraswamy: Anarchizing Performance, East and West
Kimberly Croswell

Clyfford Still on the Margins of Anarchy
Allan Antliff

Pacifism, Realism, and Pathology: Alex Comfort, Cecil Collins, and Neo-Romantic Art during World War II
Mark Antliff

Goblin Modernism: Modernism, Anarchism, and the Radical Fantastic
James Gifford

Volume 27, Number 2, April 2020

“The World’s Heavy Gaze”: Cin-aereality in the Postwar Avant-Gardes
Paula Amad

Exceeding Modernism: Romantic Artists in the Twentieth Century
Paul Cuff

Lateness and the Politics of Filmic Excess
Matthew Noble-Olson

Ink Splashes on Camera: Calligraphy, Action Painting, and Mass Media in Postwar Japan
Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer


“Cinematic Blossoming”: Duchamp, Chess, and Infraqueer Mating
Christophe Wall-Romana

Original Nonsense: James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, and Modernism’s Genius
Robert S. Lehman

Duchamp Culture/Cunningham Dance
Carrie Noland

A Desire for the Readymade: Duchamp’s Emergency in Favor of Twice
Julia Robinson


Feasts and Fasts: Towards a Modernist Food Studies
Rebecca Bowler


Sam Rose
Art and Form: From Roger Fry to Global Modernism
Patrick Fessenbecker

Anne Jamison
Kafka’s Other Prague: Writings from the Czechoslovak Republic
Veronika Tuckerova

Leonard Diepeveen
Modernist Fraud: Hoax, Parody, Deception
Sunny Stalter-Pace

Nicholas Brown
Autonomy: The Social Ontology of Art Under Capitalism
Lisa Siraganian

David Lloyd
Beckett’s Thing: Painting and Theatre
Andrew Kincaid

Christopher A. Snyder
Gatsby’s Oxford: Scott, Zelda, and the Jazz Age Invasion of Britain, 1904–1929
Kevin J. Hayes

Jacob Edmond
Make it the Same: Poetry in the Age of Global Media 
Anatoly Detwyler

Kathryn Conrad, Cóilín Parsons, and Julie McCormick Weng, ed.
Science, Technology, and Irish Modernism
Valérie Bénéjam


Volume 27, Number 1, January 2020

How to Do Things with Futurism: Traces of Futurism in Hebrew
Nana Ariel

“Talking Hebrew in every language under the sun”: Emma Lazarus, Charles Reznikoff, and the Origins of Documentary Poetics 
Joshua Wall

Subject to a Vital Machine: The Political Ambivalence of Avant-garde Aesthetics 
Christopher Williams-Wynn

The Noise of Mediation: Dorothy Richardson’s Sonic Modernity 
Adam Guy

Erika Mann, the BBC German Service, and Foreign-Language Broadcasting during WWII 
Vike Martina Plock

Pound Notes in German Markets: Paul Celan, Usury, and the Postwar Currency of Ezra Pound 
Philip Gerard

Volume 26, Number 4, November 2019

Limitless Museum: P. M. Bardi’s Aesthetic Reeducation
Adrian Anagnost

Character Defects: The Racialized Addict and Nella Larsen’s Passing
Lisa Mendelman

“The Congo is flooding the Acropolis”: Art, “Exhibits,” and the Intercultural in the New Negro Renaissance
Rachel Farebrother

Anachronistic Life: Racial Vitalism and ‘Unhistorical’ Temporality in Claude McKay’s Home to Harlem
Jennifer F. Wang

Vegetating Life and the Spirit of Modernism in Kafka and Beckett
Joseph Anderton

Reading Gestures: Body Schema Disorder and Schizophrenia in Kafka’s Modernist Prose
Sonja Boos

Volume 26, Number 3, September 2019

26.2 CoverPaper Bombs: The Blitz and the Aesthetics of Salvage
Joseph Elkanah Rosenberg

Volume 26, Number 2, April 2019

26.2 CoverAnother Nature Speaks to the Camera: Natural History and Film Theory
Caroline Hovanec

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A venue for brief articles that intervene in debates in modernist studies.

Volume 24, Number 2, April 2017


Is the Trans in Transnational the Trans in Transgender?
Jessica Berman

Volume 24, Number 1, January 2017

Volume Twenty Four / Number One, January 2017


Volume 23, Number 3, September 2016


Introduction: Who’s Afraid of the Inhuman Woolf?
Aaron Jaffe, guest editor

Baddest Modernism: The Scales and Lines of Inhuman Time
Charles M. Tung

The Extinction Romance
Keith Leslie Johnson

Volume 23, Number 2, April 2016

Volume 23, Number 2, April 2016

Allied Antigone: Jean Anouilh in America and England
Keri Walsh

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the Queer Times of Revolt, and Modernist Form
Sean Francis Ward

Re-Reading the Arab Darwin: The Lewis Affair and Naguib Mafouz’s Palace of Desire
Michael Allan 

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