Julie Vandivere

Julie Vandivere is the director of Honors and a professor of English at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She has published articles, editions, and collected essays on many modernist women writers including H. D., Bryher, Virginia Woolf, Peggy Guggenheim, Emily Coleman, Emilia Pardo Bazán, and Rosa Chacel. She is presently finishing a monograph on changing definitions of infant life at the beginning of the twentieth-century entitled “Fetal Wars: Birth Registration, Bastardy, and the Rise of Modernism.”



Modernist Memories of Fascism: Women’s Writing in the Age of Trump

As a scholar of early-twentieth-century literature, I have not found it necessary to address contemporary political issues in my work. However, the election of Donald Trump has forced me to change my thoughts about writing in general and more specifically, about publishing on modernist women writers. In the present academic climate, many who read and teach in the perpetually unpopular field of women writers also contend with heavy teaching loads, difficult family commitments and/or precarious employment.