Christopher GoGwilt

Christopher GoGwilt (Fordham University) is the author of The Passage of Literature (2011), The Fiction of Geopolitics (2000), and The Invention of the West (1995); and co-editor of Mocking Bird Technologies (forthcoming, 2018).


Postcolonial Philology and Nearly Reading the World-System in Print Form

At the very beginning of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s novel, This Earth of Mankind (1980), the Javanese narrator and protagonist, Minke, introducing his younger self as being in awe of “modern” technology, singles out one product as especially marvelous: “one of the products of science at which I never stopped marveling was printing, especially zincography. Imagine, people can reproduce tens of thousands of copies of any photograph in just one day: pictures of landscapes, important people, new machines, American skyscrapers.”