Nicole Rizzuto

Nicole Rizzuto is Associate Professor of English at Georgetown University.  She is author of Insurgent Testimonies: Witnessing Colonial Trauma in Modern and Anglophone Literature (Fordham U P, 2015).  Her current work explores the nexus of modernist and Anglophone literary and visual cultures and maritime geopolitics.


Global Modernism at Sea: Maritime Labor and Surface Reading in Richard Hughes’s In Hazard

In postcolonial studies, genre studies, and ecocriticism, the last decade has witnessed a turn to waterways as an organizing analytic, but concentration on aqueous ecologies and geopolitics has been less common in modernist studies. Such a concentration can enable us to see how modernism handles intersections among planetary environmental and global economic forces at the particular era of maritime modernity during which it emerges. Approaching modernism from the waters entails situating it against a scale whose limits extend beyond those of a region, nation, or continent and whose sociopolitical logics and material nature are distinct from those structuring territorialities.