Matthew Levay

Matthew Levay is Assistant Professor of English at Idaho State University. He is the author of Violent Minds: Modernism and the Criminal (forthcoming from Cambridge University Press), and his essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Modernism/modernityModernist Cultures, the Journal of Modern Literature, and the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies. He is currently writing a book about modernism and the novel series.


“New Modernisms,” edited by Sean Latham and Gayle Rogers

There are a number of books yet to be written that modernist studies desperately needs. Many of us no doubt keep mental lists of the titles we hope to write ourselves, as well as longer lists of those we hope others will complete, preferably sooner than later. These hypothetical books exist for various reasons—to fill gaps in the critical record, to reassess or depose a well-established approach, to illuminate one of the remaining dark corners of modernism’s history— but my list is largely populated with books I want to place in my students’ hands even more than my own.