Aimée Gasston

Aimée Gasston is a Postdoctoral Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. She is coeditor of Katherine Mansfield: New Directions (Edinburgh University Press) and her monograph, Material Modernisms: Short Fiction and Things, is forthcoming with Palgrave Macmillan.


Virginia Woolf’s Armchair

Virginia Woolf’s memoirs resonate richly with seating, beginning with the rocking chair from which she heard her father drop books to the floor at Hyde Park Gate. Leslie Stephen had “written all his books lying sunk in that deep rocking chair,” Woolf would recall in the essay “A Sketch of the Past,” his feet clear of the ground, a writing board across his lap. Yet Woolf did not herself begin as an armchair storyteller.