Catherine W. Hollis

Catherine W. Hollis (she/her) teaches in the University of California-Berkeley’s Fall Program for Freshmen. She is a co-editor of The Edinburgh Companion to Virginia Woolf and Contemporary Global Literature (2021) and recently guest edited a special issue of The Virginia Woolf Miscellany on book collecting (2020).  She is the current Historian-Bibliographer (2021–2023) of the International Virginia Woolf Society. Her recent work focuses on modern/ist women in the anarchist milieu of Emma Goldman and can be found in Women Making Modernism (ed. Delsandro, 2020) and in Thanks For Typing (ed. Dresvina, 2021).


Fitzi’s Dog: Lost Auto/biographical Presence in Nightwood

Archival research in the 1990s involved #2 pencils and handwritten transcriptions, later painstakingly typed into a desktop computer. The archival research I undertook then as a grad student was a labor of love, a “passion project” in the spirit of Melanie Micir’s phrase for feminist modernist recovery work.