Ellery E. Foutch

Ellery E. Foutch is Assistant Professor in the American Studies program at Middlebury College. Her work explores nineteenth-century fascinations with perfection and its preservation, and she has recently published an article about nineteenth-century glass ballot boxes and political transparency.


Moving Pictures: Magic Lanterns, Portable Projection, and Urban Advertising in the Nineteenth Century

In 1896, bodybuilder Eugen Sandow sat at a desk to devote himself to a mental task, rather than a physical one. He had recently returned to England from a trip to the United States, where he had collaborated with inventor W. K. L. Dickson on a mutoscope reel, an early moving-picture technology, and had posed for X-ray photographs after indicating his interest in the subject to Thomas Edison, who was proudly advertising his patented process for X-rays and fluoroscopes.