Julie Beth Napolin

Julie Beth Napolin is Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and Literary Studies at The New School. Her work asks what technologies and philosophies of listening can tell us about novel as form. Her book-in-progress, The Fact of Resonance: Listening to Conrad in the Circum-Atlantic, studies the materiality of listening and narrative in the early works of Conrad by tracing his relation to Freud, Du Bois, Benjamin, Faulkner, Fanon, Duras, and Ellison. 


Modernism Ungoverned

For the first time in 7 years, I am not teaching full-time. I’m on sabbatical. The morning after the election, there was no place I was supposed to be other than working on my book. I didn’t have to face a classroom and try to digest the election with students, nor did I have to convince them that our conversations were politically relevant. I didn’t have to get my kids off to school and move on with everyday life (I don’t have kids). It was like Johnny Rotten staring cross-eyed into the camera, “noooooo future.” It was just me.