Nora Benedict

Nora Benedict is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Digital Humanities at the University of Georgia. Her research focuses on Latin American literature, book history, and questions of access surrounding both digital and print cultures. Her monograph, Borges and the Literary Marketplace: How Editorial Practices Shaped Cosmopolitan Reading, is under contract with Yale University Press. Twitter: @NoraCBenedict




The Transcontinental Book Trade: Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare and Company and Victoria Ocampo’s Sur Enterprise

In the second volume of her Testimonios, Victoria Ocampo recalls how her friend, Virginia Woolf, insisted that she must “guardar el dinero para la revista [Sur] y los libros” (save money for her journal [Sur] and books).[1] Drawing on her own publishing experience with the Hogarth Press, Woolf acknowledges both the literary importance of Ocampo’s journal as well as the inherent financial strain of maintaining it. The world of publishing involves great risk, but the rewards can be even greater, as Woolf notes: “¿Sabe usted que nosotros vivimos de la Hogarth Press?” (Did you know that we live off of the Hogarth Press?).