Vincent Broqua

Vincent Broqua is a full professor of North American studies at the University of Paris 8. His research topics are: art history, neo-avant-garde and experimental literature, translation studies, research-creation. He has written on Josef Albers and Anni Albers, Gertrude Stein, John Cage, and many contemporary poets such as Caroline Bergvall, Anne Waldman, Stacy Doris, Charles Bernstein. He is the director of the TransCrit research lab, and co-runs the research program ‘Poets and Critics’. Among his recent books are Malgré la ligne droite: l’écriture américaine de Josef Albers (Presses du Réel, 2021), and Recovery (Pamenar Press, 2022). He is also a translator and a poet.


Neo-Avant-Garde Politics and Poetics from a Transnational Perspective: The Conversation between the Beats and Labris

Although the Beats associated with the avant-garde and although “[scholars] understand the Beat Generation in terms of a literary avant-garde,” historically and from the perspective of forms and gestures, they had in fact repeated, distorted and sometimes mocked the avant-garde.[1] They may thus be defined as a neo-avant-garde.

Literary Neo-Avant-Gardes – Politics of Form Revisited

This cluster of essays approaches the controversial question of the political intentions, implications, and effects of the literary neo-avant-gardes by scrutinizing the topos of a “politics of form,” which is so often foregrounded in and associated with neo-avant-garde practices.