Wendy A. Grossman

Wendy A. Grossman, Ph.D. is an independent scholar and curator affiliated with The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C., University of Maryland, College Park, and NYU, Washington D. C. Campus. She is an art historian with expertise in the history of photography, twentieth-century European and American modernisms, the intersections between non-Western and Western art, dada, surrealism, and the artist Man Ray. She has lectured internationally and published widely in exhibition catalogs, academic journals, and anthologies, most recently participating as an invited speaker at the Paris symposium organized in conjunction with the 2019 exhibition Le modèle noir at the Musée d’Orsay.


Unmasking Adrienne Fidelin: Picasso, Man Ray, and the (In)Visibility of Racial Difference

Accounts of black personalities long lost to narratives of modernism are belatedly finding their way into the historical record, precipitated by the recent advent of scholarship and exhibitions dedicated to this recovery process.[1] As a result, black artists, models, and performers who previously attracted little critical attention ar